We are a sourcing and supplies company that focuses on trade and supplies of basic products with the most reliable service and quality at highly competitive prices.

We are fully responsible for the whole supply chain – Our experience and dedicated team handles everything from strategic sourcing to shipping and delivery of the goods to the final destination. We source the products directly from pre-selected and manufactures as well as through partners and distributors in relevant regions.

We have supplied to the United Nations, to International Non-Governmental Organizations, The Local Government as well as for Private Companies.


We work tirelessly round the clock to ensure your project’s success.


In a complex environment we take a proactive & responsive approach.


A key principle for our success in a demanding environment.


Absolute & Unconditional respect for the rights of all, irregardless.


We give you a clear understanding of what we do and how we do it


We always strive to supply top-notch quality at best rates around.


We supply a great variety of products and not only those mentioned in our profile.
Therefore, if you would have any requirements of any other products,
please do not hesitate to Contact Us

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